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Corrosion or cosmetics?

Guest turboman

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Guest turboman

Something I've been doing for years on trailer hitches and wheel housing "lips" is applying DUPLI-COLOR black touch-up for sprayed-on truck beds like Rhino lining. Walmart sells it in 1 qt. cans for about $14US. It will be enough for years and many cars. It's thick and goopy and after being rolled or brushed on trailer hitches and wheel lips it will keep them better than new looking for years and years. It's great on the bottom sides of pickup trucks (and cars) rocker panels. It prevents stone chips (needs a taped straight edge, though). Even in states that use (abuse) road salt.


On wheel lips use a 1" brush or a small roller (rollers best). Dip it a tray with a cup of the stuff and just roll it on the rolled under lip part of the fender. It should leave almost a perfect edge without masking tape. It looks best on lighter colored cars because then you can't see the underside of the edge anymore and it makes for a cleaner looking wheel opening.


On trailer hitches it keeps them looking shiny and new. Every couple of years I'd recoat and the shine comes back.

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