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this legacy gt is my first manual car. ive driven a 93 civic hatchback about twice.


this past weekend, i drove my friends 05 rsx type s, ooooh... the clutch on that is super light!!!!!!!!


the Q is, is there a way to make our clutches as light as the rsx, or even a little?

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I find the clutch on the LGT to be "buttery" soft compared to previous gen Legacys. The clutch on my 98 LGT, while smooth, is still not as easy as the new LGT's.


There's a post on here somewhere, that I can't find right now, about a BMW-like valve in the clutch hydraulic system that inhibits over-powering the clutch hydraulically. I'm not sure if there really is such a thing in our Legacy clutch system or, if it is, if this would contribute anything to clutch "feel". It's an unknown, unknown to me.



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I don't find the LGT clutch to be very heavy either (compared to my other manual tranny cars in the recent past.


One other issue is that clutch strength is relative to the torque that the car produces, and with most Hondas having lower gross torque, but using higher rpm to get the power, they can use a lighter clutch.

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