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Looking for Pointers on Wheel Bearing Replacement

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Found an old thread with a few tips http://legacygt.com/forums/showthread.php?t=40031&highlight=28473AG00A . Trying to get scooter to bring in his pics:


I just replaced my LR hub/bearing last night.


Be prepared to have some type of puller tool! Pressing will be required! I wound up sacrificing a cheap Chinese 10" Adj. Wrench. Using C-clamps, I completely distorted it in order to pop the axle stub loose. Too funny:lol: , but my troubles weren't over yet!:icon_mad: As the hub then is firmly seated/rusted into the knuckle/carrier, so for the backing plate & actual hub that is fitted to the knuckle, it will take PbBlaster, and a lot of hammering. I hit it from behind in a few places to drive it loose from the knuckle. It took a few minutes of deciding how to get that son of a b@tch off!


Instead of it being a 45-60 min. job, it turned out to be a 2.5 hr one. I also had the additional difficulty of having 2pc rotor's which don't have the threaded holes, which greatly assist in pulling the rotor off the hub. (This alone took 45min.) Also, I took a ton of water breaks, as it was stinkin' hot out, even at 8:30pm.


It is doable with just jackstands in a driveway, but a lift would obviously help. Here's a handy list of tools I used. With this info it should better prepare you for doing it this weekend.


Tools Needed:


Std Metric socket set

Trq Wrench (25-250lb) Big trq on Axle nut (140ft/lb)

Breaker Bar or Impact gun

32mm socket for Axle Nut

14mm for bearing mounts & stock LGT brake caliper mounts

10mm for ABS sensor

Flat head Screwdriver

Hammer (Std & Rubber)

Swivel sockets or extensions. (It's tight in there.)

8mm bolts about 30mm long. (these press the rotor of the hub)


With knowing what I know now, this is a 1hr job. The toughest part being to separate the hub from the knuckle & pulling back the axle stub.

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Level of difficulty?? Are the bolts superman wrenched on much like the suspension bolts?


I'm experiencing a sound very very similar to what you are experiencing i believe. It sounds like a jet engine turbine, and is only speed dependent, coming from the driver's front wheel area.


And just recently, the car is now throwing a CEL/Err SS/blinking cruise. Its code P0500, and i assume its one of the abs speed sensors going bad. But my reader doesn't pull ABS malfunction codes, so I can't pinpoint which one it is.


I'm hoping its the wheel bearing...as I already have one on order, but my hope is diminishing after hearing of it not working out for you.

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On the wrench scale out of five I'd say this is a 2 1/2.


The only tough part was getting the hub unit off the knuckle. I had a puller, but all I succeeding in doing with the puller was pushing the half-shaft out of the hub unit. I ended up threading the bolts half way back into the hub unit and tapping on them with a mallet to push the hub out. PB Blaster is your friend on this job.

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If the hub assembly is stuck, just hit it outwards on the ABS sensor side so there is no risk of pusing it inward into the sensor (will make more sense when you have the car in the air). Mine came out with about 5 hits of a 5lbs sledge. If that doesn't work, slide an old chisel between the inner hub flange and the knuckle. The key is to do each side a little at a time so the hub doesn't get stuck.
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