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What should 05 LGT clutch feel like?


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I just purchased an 05 LGT 5spd that has turned out to have every problem imaginable. Most have been fixed under warranty. I am at 33k and want to know what the clutch should feel like. Mine feels so much lighter than any of my previous 3 Subaru's (2 wrx's, 1 base legacy). The clutch also seems to have alot of free play before you feel friction.
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Depends what "should" means. I think it "should" smell like the clutches in my BMW, girlfriend's Audi, and parents' Hondas - they are odorless. Or perhaps something about them doesn't encourage me to slip them like I slip the clutch in my LGT.


Perhaps it's the fact that they all move the car from a dead stop with no problem. I dunno WTF is the deal with the stock LGT clutch but it seems like every week I either slip/stink it or I kill the car. I thought I'd get used to it (like all the others) but that's proceeding well behind schedule. At this point I have blaming the clutch for being just plain weird. I'll gladly share some blame for not adjusting to it readily, but damn. Why so fxxking stinky?


I have a vague thoery that the start-from-stop behavior could be improved by boosting the throttle/load maps in the ECU for the 300rpm range, so the engine will be less liekly to die if the clutch grabs sooner than expected.... but I'm not sure if that's possible yet. Or if it would even be relevant.

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Thanks for the posts. I feel better about the whole clutch thing. To answer the question as to the problems I have experienced with the 05 lgt with 33k miles:

Turbo didn't work after the first day - tumble generated valve was replaced.

The car was sold to me with the brakes worn down to almost nothing.

The rear axel was leaking.

The radiator hose was cracked.

The rear bearings were making the buzzing sound.

The speakers were blown out.

The radio makes noises.

The tie rods were bent.

2 rims were bent.

The seatbelt retractor does not work.

The turbo does not work again.

The 02 sensors were bad.

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I am a lawyer and the dealership knows it. They missed some of the major obvious issues after I took it back the first time, then they dismissed my complaint about the turbo not working despite the fact that I have had 2 wrx's prior to this car.


As to the lemon law, it only applies on a new car up to 12k miles in PA. I do have a claim under the breach of warranty of fitness for a particular purpose if I choose to go that route. But, I just want my car to work and I want the dealership to take responsibility for selling me a car that they had to know was completely beat.

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