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questions about leasing and credit.


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my dad only has a 2+ year credit history in the US because he moved here temporarily 2 years ago (NYC) to set up a new york office of his company which is based in hong kong. my question is, do you think he will be able to secure a lease for a car at the normally-listed lease rates, or is his credit history just too short. i'm sure he has been paying his bills punctually and what not, the only thing bothering me is the length of his credit history...


the reason i ask this is because i will be in the market within a month for a legacy gt limited 5eat, and i was planning to just get a used 05. but if he could lease one, then i'm sure he would get me a new 07. we would be willing to put down more for a downpayment if need be.


any comments will be greatly appreciated.

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lookslikeanevo, can you explain a little more on using his company as "collateral"?


the idea of leasing it through his company is great, except that he doesn't have a US drivers' license, and so the car needs to be registered in PA, not NY, which might lead to questions like why is the car registered in PA if the company is in NY? and actually, if it is a company car, i assume it might need to be registered to a company, which creates more problems. =/


few more questions:

1) what is considered a "high enough" credit score?

2) what happens if you decide to give the car back before the lease term is over?

3) is maintenance covered through the lease, or do you have to pay for the scheduled maintenance on your own, and if so, how much and how often would that be approximately for an lgt ltd 5eat?

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