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Sway Bar for 2.5i?


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ohoh... you got Rear one only? you feel the big difference?


I have the JDM RSB only as well and it makes a huge difference. The car feels more planted during turns and just goes where you point it.


Even before I upgraded to Bilsteins, this made a big improvement with stock suspension.

JDM GT Bilsteins (F-Tanabe R-Pinks)

JDM RSB - Modded Kartboy SS - Subaru Momo Knob

Subastyle Grille

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I have the front and rear sways from IPD. It was one of the first mods that I did on my car, I had to slightly modift the exhaust shielding for the front bar to fit, but It was a night and day difference. I have since installed a set of Swift springs and a cusco front strut tower bar. I will put it this way, I have a 6 mile drive to work on a road with about 20 nice turns. I drive my car pretty hard every day and I am pretty happy with the stability. The sways are a great up grade but like anything else you will soon find yourself wanting more. You will soon see how deep the money pit goes.
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FWIW, just going from 15mm stock LOB 2.5i, to ~16mm LGT, made a noticable difference for cheap.

But the JDM hollow 20mm (about the equvalent of a 18mm solid) arrives next week....

06LOB2.5i MT, JDMRSB, GYTTs, HPS, LGT Mufflers & Leather Wheel, SubiMomo Knob, Inalfa Moonroof, Clutch Switch Bypass, DeDRLd, DeChimed, & Straight Headrest.
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