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anyone go from an STi to a Spec B?


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I did not migrate from an STi, but I can give you my brief opinion regarding the Spec.B.


I drove a 2006 LGT w/ 5EAT and nav for 10,000 miles before moving to the Spec.B.


The nav gets panned by many people here, but works great for me. I think that the generally feeling among most forum members is that you can get a nicer aftermarket nav for less $$$ and take it with you when you switch cars. I use the car for business (work as a consultant), where I spend a good deal of time in the car. I am fairly frequently driving in areas I am unfamiliar with. Having a huge screen (7") and the system neatly built in to the dash is important to me. The screen alone is worth it in my opinion. The system seems as accurate as any i've used (they all have a bit of out-of-date info and a few missing streets, in my experience). The system is very fast at calculating routes and recalculating should when you miss a turn or make an "executive decision" to re-route. The POI are adequate but not exhaustive. Having lots of POI is secondary (in my book) to accurate, quick maps.


The Spec.B handles waaaay better than the stock LGT. I am sure that 50% of it (or more) is the stickier summer performance tires, and I have no doubt that one can make the regular LGT handle just as niceley. The steering feel blows the LGT out of the water, and I personally like the way the Spec handles bumps better. One item of note: I am having stiffer sway bars installed tomorrow (front and rear - thanks Rallitek!). I am 100% confindent that this will be a huge upgrade, as the car handles very well but does roll too much. The car should feel much more grounded and responsive after this upgrade.


I love the new 6-speed in my '07. I test drove both the standard LGT and the '06 Spec extensively before purchasing. The 6-speed is smooth, has reasonably short throws, and seems much better suited to the engine than the 5-speed MT does. Between gears the revs don't fall as much, keeping you in the power band. Can't wait until the AccessPort 2.0 becomes available for the '07s.


A note about the seats: I really like the Alcantara. It is comfortable, grippy, and does not get as hot/cold as the leather. I am very pleased with it.


Finally, other than sways, and an AccessPort, I don't expect to do too much to the car. Mod-itis might set in though...I am tempted to get a CBE and JDM Spec.B springs....


A friend of mine used to work at a Subie dealer. He drove both the '06 Spec and the STi extensively, and said he'd take the Spec 9 times out of 10. He cited the comfort level combined with it still being a fun to drive car. He said he often felt he could push the Spec harder into a corner, because he felt more confident driving it (versus the STi). Of course, YMMV.

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^ Yep. The NAV is works just great and the info system is fun as well. Just wish they had a oil pressure and boost guage instead of the informative but somewhat redundant engine/gas consumption performance indicators.


Just an observation of the body roll (which really isn't all that bad): I wonder if more rigid sways would negate some of the LSD effectiveness (be it VLSD or Torsen) by eliminating some wheel slip caused by load transfer.

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