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Sirius Starmate Install


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Easy install in the cubby. The 07 came with the AUX jack and POWER in the arm rest. I drilled the bottom, back right corner of the box and ran the power and aux jack out the bottom and along the side passenger seat (put your fingers under there beause there are wires to watch out for). The consol trim right side prys off easy. You have to pry up the right corner of the center trim to remove the (tang) of the side trim closest to the ashtry. Run the 3 wires power/aux/ant. under the side of the consol and up thru the hole next to the side of the radio/shifter area (no need to remove any screws). The cubby along with the vents pry out with a screwdriver. Just go easy! Work it all the way around. With that out I fed a wire down the side from the open cubby space down to the wires and pulled them up one at a time to the cubby space. There are two holes in the back of th cubby. I enlarged the one on the right and fed the wires in that way. Leave enough wire to take the radio out for indoor use. test the radio if all is well use wire ties to make it tidy and push the cubby/vents back in place. The side of the hand snaps it back in nicely. I used double sided tape on the bottom of the Starmate to hold it snug in place since we dont take it out. NOTE: get an aux plug with an angle head for better fit in the cubby. Put the side cover on and run your antenna.


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The picture of the installed Starmate is locked into the little change "cup".


It was sort of an odd process.


The Starmate, as owners will know, hooks up normally to a suction cup thing to the windshield. The thing consists of parts that come apart: the suction cup, an extender, and the bracket that the starmate hooks up to. I diassembled the three pieces, and kept just the bracket. The bracket has a space to thread the power and antenna wires through, and on the back it has two sets of plastic that extend backwards, each of which has a "lockbolt" hole through it, so that it can be mated to the extender (the extender mates simimlarly to the suction cup).


So, what I used for this was just the starmate and the bracket.


I then found a bolt (flathead, not roundhead) of the right diameter to fit through the holes in the back of the bracket, and slightly longer than I needed for a snug fit, widthwise, into the Subaru's change cup. I measured the width of the change cup, and cut the bolt to just shorter than needed to fit in that (1-2 mm) (with a hacksaw - note: I threaded on a few nuts before I cut it, so that when I finished sawing, I could unthread the nuts and realign the threads of the bolt).


I ran this flathead bolt through the two "lockbolt" openings in the Starmate bracket, but added an interior set of nuts so that I could tighten them against each other and around one of the bracket arms of the starmate bracket - to hold the bracket firmly in place against the bolt. Then, on the end of the bolt, I threaded on two more nuts: the one on the end insured a snug fit against the inside wall of the change cup, but the inner one served as a lock nut to tighten against the outside nut - to keep it in place. Finally, I covered the head of the bolt and the outermost nut with a felt pad that I bought at a hardware store - they are used to cushion things so that they don't mar wood furniture - they are little self-adhesive, thin cushions.


Then I assembled it: I put a nut all the way on the bolt, then pushed the bolt through one of the holes of the bracket. I then threaded on another nut. Then I adjsted that nut as I pushed the bolt through the other hole in the bracket. Once I got the bolt all the way through the bracket, I tightened the two nuts already on the bolt against each other, squeezing them against each side of one of the starmate's bracket arms. I then put on the other two nuts on the very end of the bolt, and tightened the inner one outwards against the outermost nut. I now had a rod of the right length that was cushioned on each end (by the felt) and that was holding the bracket tightly. I then just pushed the bolt/nut rod into the change cup until it was firmly in place. It is very snug, and doesn't budge.


As to why I didn't have it in the cubby, I found that the starmate is too bright, even on its dimmest settings, for my comfort during night driving. Having it where it is keeps it out of my vision, plus my fingers can find the station presets very easily...


Dave (Mdk's dad)


(Thank MDK for posting the picture!!! :) )

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