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2006 STI immobilizer Key, will it work with the 06 LGT??


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I called Subaru and they said it can be cut for the LGT but they are not too sure if the chip can be programmed for the LGT. Does anyone know if this can be done? I did a search and I saw someone asking about 2005 key and it was posted that the 2005 does not have a chip in it. I have confirmed by my dealer:rolleyes: that the 2006 STI key has a immobilizer chip. They said they can cut it and "try" but if it doesn't work I have a $60 STI key for a souvenir!

Just wanting to get a smaller key instead of this monster, I have the Clifford 50.5x remote so between that and the key its a pocketful!


Thanks for any input!

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Um yea so I read that entire thread and there was no resolution and it was a complete hack job! I didn't see any thing to answer my question in 5 pages of reading. In that thread a "non chiped" STI key was used, I specifically asked about a 2006 "chiped" key. I will keep looking and post if I find out. But I guess thats one way to do it:rolleyes:

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