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Messing around with the OEM tape player on a BD (my98) legacy 2.5GT


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I already have a similar question posted on SL-i.net, but I was curious to hear your opinions as well.


I have an oem sound system in my 98 BD sedan (oem tape player + oem cd player). The problem is that my tape player doesn't work anymore. My wife has a feeling something might be stuck or otherwise loose in there, but I don't hear any rattling noises while driving around. Has anyone had success with actually taking the unit out and opening up the tape player case? What kinds of signs can you look for to see that something might be stuck?


I can insert a tape about 3/4 of the way in, but it stops dead (it's like it hits the wall inside and doesn't want to go down into the grooves and holes that hold it in place).


I like having a complete oem system in my car at the moment. I don't have the dough to replace the system. Hopefully I can figure out how to fix the problem.


Thanks for your help!


-apprentice gearhead: level 0 (heavy manual reader)

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That's what it seems like to me... once I get my hands on the box, it probably shouldn't take me long to unscrew the tape deck cover off the thing and check for any parts that are loose or otherwise broken. I just wish I knew what I was looking for.


I almost took the fakey-doo wood trim off the GT last Saturday, but I stopped because I couldn't find the other two screws holding the thing in place. Now that I saw a radio remove post on SL-i.net, I think I'm going to try doing that another time. Until then, it'll be cds for me...


How much does an OEM tape deck go for on eBizzle?

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