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Exhaust Upgrade


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I have an 05 LGT auto and want to upgrade dual exhausts, intake, muffler. Have been doing some research locally from performance shops, and I've been getting suggestions like Borla or Perrin for the catback, K&N for short ram intake, and I'm nor sure about muffler replacements.

My goal is better performance, a better sounding machine. Also confused about uppipes and downpipes, are they necessary? Any suggestions or experiences are welcome. Also since I am not going to do the installing, is it best to buy the specific kits, and just pay for the labor?

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Welcome to the board Firewalker, to answer some of your questions:


Performance on the GT's come in the form of modifying the entire exhaust system, not just the cat-back exhaust systems you're finding on the market.


Look for Cobb or Perrin Up Pipe or Downpipes (if you have questions about those, just do a search) but they pretty much connect from the turbo to the exhaust system which does have it's fair share of inhibitors to power gains.


Also since it sounds like you're not much for self installs (which I'm not either) check around with your local tuner shops for their labor rates and find one you trust/feel comfortable with. Also, depending on where you live, check out the regional forums as well for hints / suggestions on getting your parts installed.


Again, welcome to the board.


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Give the Cobb Tuning AccessPORT FAQ a read. :) It's a good place to start-off with some basic knowledge.


Similarly, this article, also from Cobb's website, will help you gain better understanding into the exhaust side of our power equation:





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