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Cat vs DeCat


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So my friend has a spare DP.

I have a Tactrix cable and ecu logging software.

I was wondering about... if he installed a decatted DP, what would you guys like to see logged on a stock tune, cat vs decat?

Is there some software that would give HP curves?

Would there be CEL issues?



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The de-catted DP may run you into p0420 territory, or it may not. Seems to be quite variable.


If you do get the code, you could try the "hard" fix of using spark plug anti/de-fouler(s), but this may or may not in-turn run you into p2096 territory. Again, highly variable.


This isn't just because you chose to de-cat - it presents as a problem with many aftermarket component fitments. ;)


Only surefire solution is to go with aftermarket engine-management.

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