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Wheel advice plz


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So how much would u pay for these rims and how do you think they would look on the LGT ?


My buddy's gonna sell them to me for the low low (i'll reveal price later) since he works for a wheel company.

This is the only set ever produced as a sample for his company (or so he tells me).



rims 17x7.5 racing wheels for 2005 subaru legacy gt perfect offset, bolt pattern and size. Only one set made and approved. Was made as a sample...didn't go into production.


subaru legacy specs:


Bolt Pattern: 5x100

Offset Range: 42 to 53

Wheel Size Range: 17x7.5

OEM Tire Size (Front): 215/45-17 (215x626 mm)

Max Tire Dimensions: 235x651.0


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i think i'll be getting these for like 1.5 crispies ($150) for the set :) shipped.

Only thing is i am not sure how theyd look....ah well i can always pop them on the 02 :). Now wht all-seasons should i get...or wht winters ??? cmon people lay down the choices.....thx

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