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Intake Insight?


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Ok, so after endlessly searching the LGT forums there seems to be a lot of mixed information about the pros and cons of using an aftermarket intake (not just a panel)- particularly anything that changes the mounting of the MAF (mass-airflow sensor).


For the new or uninformed, such as I was: The issue is that you
run the risk of leaning out your engine which can certainly cause damage ranging from overheating to actual burning of the cylinders. The problem is only worsened when you factor in an air-hungry inducted system like our beloved turbocharged subarus. The problem stems from the MAF sensor monitoring it's little portion of the fixed path between the air filter and the turbo. If you change the size of the intake without properly retuning the MAF, you're putting way more air into the overall mix which results in a lean condition.

Of course, companies like AEM and K&N are claiming HP boosts with their intake systems because of the improved air flow. I've seen the K&N Typhoon system for the Legacy GT and the actual intake tube is the same size as the stock tube. So I'm not completely buying into ALL of the concern.


Cobb has posted news of a new intake under development:




and they raise the same issue. I really respect Cobb and what they've done for happy Subaru owners everywhere. So they might be on to something OR they might just be selling intakes. :icon_cool


Has anyone worked from a baseline stock intake and checked any of these aftermarket short-ram/cold-air systems to see if they've been properly sized for the stock MAF settings?


Of course, you can always buy your AP and just tune for it too... :icon_wink


Any assistance is greatly appreciated...

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Basically, the stock airbox is very good. You don't need to mess with it beyond a panel filter unless you plan on changing the turbo.


The problem, as Cobb states too, is that people want the underhood bling & sound of the intake. So, many companies take advantage of that to release products that maybe haven't been through the best QA cycle possible.


I don't know how much testing has been done on specific intakes. TDC probably knows more then most. From what I've read, the K&N is one of the better ones out right now. But, you are only going to get gains from an intake with a tune. You can't really expect much in that regard as a bolt on.

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I decided rather than paraphrase I'd just send you to the real deal. When you asked about gains and flow around the MAF, there couldn't be a more conclusive post on those two topics.


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