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Exhaust for NA's

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i am out of town right now, i will be back next weekend. i will have some pics then. as far as fitment, no issue. sorry but i dont have any #'s but a gain is noticeable. WOT is deff. better, hell the whole rpm range is better. i tried a DIY intake with the 05 Impreza intake, ended up throwing a CEL. i think that is due to the fact i cut the intake box off just before the MAF and put a K&N filter in place. i see alot of people are keeping the box and using the piping. that is my plan when i get back. as far as the 3in, i have also heard that is not the best thing, but from what it says it starts 3in after the cat and tapers to a 2.5in. i wouldnt think that would cause too many problems. i hope someone who would know a little more looks in on this thread and could shed some light on the issue. as for right now, i plan on running the borla headers, intake w/ box, xcceleration exhause and quite possibly a meth inj. from Snow Performance. Any suggestions????
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here is my two cents. i have an axle back currently on my car right now. You would actually be quite suprised what it sounds like. And alls it is are magnaflow 14827 polished stainless steel. I took out the resonator at the mid pipe and put 2.5 all the way back. here is a couple small video clips if you want to know what it sounds like. they are not high quality but you get the general idea. it will take a couple minutes to load, so be patient.




Start up...




Take off shifting......




Sorry I didn't mean to start a war which mainly forum people is all about ;).
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I did a little searching online and it looks like the headers are all the same from 97-06.... somebody correct me if I'm wrong, looks like you can get a much better deal than from xcceleration.com

That is not true.


06 models have equal length headers, basically an all-new design header and cat section.


I really need to get a copy of the diagram so I can start posting it... Theres much confusion and poor information on RS25 and NASIOC about this as well.

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i have some imco mufflers, basicly the muffler shops version of magnaflow...really just a straight thru turbo muffler for those of you wanting decent affordable sound..cost like $150 installed



with resonator...slightly louder than stock


<a href="http://media.putfile.com/25i-legacy-exhaust" target="_blank">Click here to watch "25i-legacy-exhaust"</a>


with out resonator alot louder than stock but still not obnoxious.


<a href="http://media.putfile.com/25i-resonator-removed" target="_blank">Click here to watch "25i-resonator-removed"</a>


p.s. no thats not a turd in the second video, its a piece of mulch..lol

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I really need to get a copy of the diagram so I can start posting it....

Alright, here we go... (Note, these are impreza exhausts, however the header+cat sections are the same as legacy's)


Heres an example of the 93-05 exhaust:




Heres the 06+ equal length headers:



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I want something that'll bring out the boxer sound, what should i do? will it sound like Honda's tinny can sound??? I'm not going for that... at work now and is unable to listen to the clips, but i will when i get home

You have an 05 right? Then you have the unequal length header, which means it will still have that boxer sound. Borla headers as mentioned, along with a catback equal a very rumbly boxer sound :)

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Thanks for the tip, any sound clips?


what kind of set up would i need if i'm going custom with magnaflow exhaust tip?

Borla heads + the two magnaflow mufflers is all you really "need". I wouldnt go without a resonator, it can get loud with magnaflows without a resonator (sounds great with one though).

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