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2007 pricing compared

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Entered pricing for the 2007 Legacy and Outback into my database last night. Price for LGT down $500, plus $500 in new features (tire pressure monitor, folding seat, etc.) mean total drop of $1,000.


Also note that dealer margins have been cut about $150, so actual transaction prices won't drop by $500.


The 2006 has a $1,500 rebate last time I checked. So it's still $500 less at MSRP, and $688 less at invoice, even after adjusting for features.


I was personally hoping that the LGT MTX wagon might reappear, but apparently this was not to be.



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I usually cross-check a few different sites, since errors are rampant. Early in the model year it can depend on where I can find the data. For these prices I looked at cars101.com, edmunds, and cars.com.


Getting good data on features is actually much harder than the prices.

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