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MR (Megan Racing) Coilover Installation Notes


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Installed MR coilovers in my 05 LGT Ltd MT wagon yesterday. Some notes:


-Total installation time, working with jacks and jackstands, with some help from my 18 year old son, was about 4.5 hrs.


-Used PB Blaster penetrating spray on lower bolts.


-Front lower bolts came off fine at only a little over specified installation torque.


-Set camber adjustment bolt at approximately the location it was set at for stock struts.


-Upper nuts supplied by MR are neither self-locking or furnished with lock washers. I used some blue Locktite on them.


-Rear lower bolts, as noted by many, are PIA to remove. This is excerbated by lack room for wrench swing when working on the ground with jacks and jackstands. Both bolts required about 250-275 ft lbs to remove, over double their specified installation torque. Driver side was easier because I could stand on wrench (18" long 1/2" Craftsman ratchet w/ 6 pt socket). Passenger side came off with some grunting and effort by my son.


-Installed upper rear nuts without removing wagon cargo area side panels; just removed floor panles. These side panels are fussy and time-consuming to remove. Nuts are just reachable with open end and box wrenches. No way to get a torque wrench on these, but approximate torque can be obtained by feel. I'm thinking about adjustment options; I may install small access covers to give better access to the dampening adjustment wheel.


See separate post on settings, driving impressions, and outstanding issues.

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