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rotora bolt on 4 pots


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does anyone have the rotora bolt on 4 pot caliper kit from rallitek it uses stock sized rotors and supposedly fits with no modification and clears the stock wheels.

can anyone confirm this?

i was considering doing this with some stock size stoptech slotted rotors

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^ My Rotora 4-pots (front fitment) uses the larger-diameter 330 mm rotors.


Clears the stock '05 17s just fine. :)

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I've never heard of a stock sized rotora bolt on kit... They have 330 x 24, 330 x 30 (2-piece), 355 x 30 (2-piece)
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Here is the 330x30 two piece on my car. This does clear stock wheels.



What I want to know is since their rear rotor appears to be the same specs, can I just order the caliper/pads for the rears. e.g. (don't need rotor/lines)? or is the diameter the same, but dimesions somehow different?



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the front and rear rotors are not the same specs from subaru


btw: how hard is it to find replacement pads for the rotora 4-pots they are the drop in style correct and how expensive are they i tried to go to rotora's website but it wont let me in for some reason

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Just got my rotora 4 pots installed today















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