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Intake for the Naturally Aspirated


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So I want a short ram and figured I start here


eBay Motors: Racing Subaru Air Filter intake Legacy outback 90-99 A+ (item 200013354737 end time Aug-11-06 12:24:56 PDT)


Is a short ram intake gonna add any noticeable power or will it just sound cool?

Next question, since all they have here is a cone can I just attach it to my original pipe and not worry about all of this MAF sensor business?

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The engine will feel a tad smoother and ya it will sound a bit louder... Not a huge increase in power though. With the MAF adapter, you just bolt it onto your MAF and its good to go.


FYI, I have a MAF intake on my car even though I dont use the MAF, and I occasionally bolt my MAF Adapter/Cone filter like that one on for fun (aka noise :p )

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