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Outlet Question


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I have a question that I was hoping someone could answer. Whenever I plug something into the electrical outlet located in the center armrest, the radio reception becomes absolutely horrible and can barely get any station.


Is this common?


If not, is there a fix that needs to be done?


For the record, the car is completely stock.

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Many power inverters (to provide 115 volts AC from your 12V. outlet and almost anything with a brush-type DC motor (fan, small air compressors, etc.) will generate RF interference. If the radio reception is becoming "noisy" and especilly if it's worse on AM stations (rather than FM), this is probably your problem.


Most likely the "noise" signal is being radiated (out) through the plug-in devices connecting cable and is being picked up by the radio antenna. It's also possible that the noise is being carried on the power bus to the radio, but this is vey unlikely since the radio will certainly have a filter on it's DC input.


A simple (LC) RF filter on the plug-in device's power cord, along with a couple of ferrite suppressors on the wires, or a grounded braid shield over the wires can reduce the interference, or possibly eliminate it entirely. It will take someone with a little electronics expeirence to do the job.

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Definitely check the device.


I've temporarily sourced power from that plug many times, and have yet to run in to said interference......

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I've not had a problem, charging or using a phone with power from the center outlet.


Leaving the phone in the dash cubby (no nav) definitely causes radio interference when moving from one cell antenna to the next. This lasts ~ 15 seconds then, goes away.

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