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Someone to Check out a Car for me?


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A little off topic, I am sorry.....but I am trying to find someone (mechanical or knowledgeable enough) to check a Subaru SVX out for me, as I may not be able to get down there to see it before I need to purchase.


As I said, OT, since it's an SVX but I am trying to cover my bases! If I shouldn't post this, please delete it and I am sorry.


But if someone can do it, the car is in Pasadena. The owner would drive it to a shop. I'd handle payment, as needed....


email me with a phone number at:


jasinwa at comcast dot net


replace the 'at' and 'dot' with their symbols and there would be no spaces at all.





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Called this AM, he didn't want to do SVX's....don't remember if it was Steve or not....


thx anyway....




got one in North Hollywood, though.....Subaru Independent Service.


recommended at another site and by the vendor of my local subbie mechanic...

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