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Replace 2004 with 2001 audio unit?


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The 2001 Outback wagons (USDM) had an option for an AM/FM/WB/Cassette along with a CD mounted just below (double din). Anyone know the model number / manufacturer of this unit? Is the CD an add-on option (and if so, what is the model)?. Anyone know where I can find one of these (I already searched ebay with no luck)?


I want to locate one of these and mount it in place of the OEM AM/FM/WB/6 CD changer unit (double din) on our just purchased 2004 Outback Limited Wagon. Any reason why this can't be done (the openings look the same to me but I haven't measured yet)? Open to other suggestions for an AM/FM/Cassette/CD combo for a 2004 OBW but I thought going with the OEM unit available on the '01 models would be easiest. Not looking for superior quality... but my wife REALLY liked the '01 cassette/cd combo... it was in a wreck and we couldn't salvage it.

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