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Close Call

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Ive had my share of close calls before, but never has a crash seemed more imminent then tonight.

I was driving to my friend's soccer down, back roads of SE PA. Speed limit is 40 Im going downhill about 45 mph. Then I see a car emerge at the intersection. Apparently the dark blue Accord didnt see me and started to go and then stopped once it reached the yellow line. Im 40 feet away and pointed right at the driver door.

A series of thoughts went through my head.

1. Ok, brake, swerve left and then back into the right lane.

2. At least point yourself at the hood of the car and not the driver.

3. At least this is a front impact, after seeing this.


4. I could envision the twisted metal, broken glass, and white airbag in my face even as I hit the brakes.


I slammed on the brakes and never have I heard such a loud squeal. It to happen so slowly but I wasnt stopping. I managed to execute the manuever around the Accord. Thank God no cars were coming in the opposite lane. At first I grinned, thanked Subaru for ABS and stability, which is what makes a Subaru a Subaru. Then I squeezed out a few tears, based on how real it was that that could have been the end of my Legacy. It was too real for me, I just pictured looking at my wrecked Legacy. Only 528 were made, I would never be able to find another one. In the end, I thought of the Subaru commerical where the Subaru (Legacy, Tribeca, etc. whichever ad it is) dodges the open car door in the street and my dad jokes that the driver shouldnt be going that fast in a residential zone.


My Prelude could never have pulled off that maneuver. In addition to that it was supposed to rain today and had the roads been wet I might have took a spin. I was lucky.

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