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Tinting in Colorado


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Originally Posted by scottybuckeye

"In Colorado you can have up to 27% all around or as dark as you want in the back if the front side windows are clear. The windshield of course can't have any tint except for the top strip. So realistically the darkest you can go is 35% all around if you want to tint the front at all."



...since it's not legal to go 20% all around the next lighter shade is 35%. I don't know if the cops care or not here. They might give you another ticket if you already got pull over for something else. They outlaw certain tints because they actually impair your outward visibility from the car, especially at night.

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Does anyone know how strict the cops are here in colorado about tinting? I'd like to tint 20% all around, 15/25, or 20/30. Know of any good stories or bad ones you've heard?


Also, are there any brands that have less darkening from the inside looking out? I'd still like to see at night.

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