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Turbo Cool-Down

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I've read several post about turbo cool-down time and once again I found another piece of information.


Road & Track Sept. '06, page 148.

"Step one is to follow the recommendations in the owner's manual, but as a general rule, no cool-down is needed. Tht said, it depends on how the vehicle was driven the minute or minutes before shutdown.

You want to avoid shutting the engine off with the turbo actually spinning or cooking hot. Turbos change rpm surprisingly rapidly, and unless you shut the engine off as the climax to a maximum effort print to the airport, it's unlikely the turbo wheels are actually spinning.

Heat, on the other hand, hangs around like the in-laws, and there the best thing is no-boost driving the last minute or more before shutdown. This is pretty easy to do while searching for a parking spot, bumbling around the subdivision to get to the house, etc. In that case, there's not much more cooling to be accomplished by idling the engine while listening to all of "free bird" on the radio.

So, in normal driving an idle cool-down costs time and fuel; but right after a high-power drive, some idling will more gently cool and lube the turbo."


Just thought I would share this.

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