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Hey, I first of all want to say how awesome this site has been for me in the decision making process of buying the legacy. I've been reading nonstop for probably the last 3 weeks and feel like I've still touched the surface.

I just bought a white LGT 5MT out of LA and drove it back home last week. In the first two days I got it I took out the intake silencer and did a stage 1 hogzaust (to which I'm still weary about but love the sound too much!). My last car was a prelude and the best thing I love about the LGT is how sleeper it is(I used to have a problem with tickets in the lude) plus the looks, speed, style, etc.

Anyways, I didn't know if there was already a group in the area but if there isn't, I'm sure theres some others out there that would like to start one. I know there are some things I'd like to do with other people knowledgeable about the car.


If your interested, could you list a few things of what you'd want to do and where you live so we can get an idea of where the group is.


Couple of things I want to do is detail my engine bay, paint calipers, install aux. input and above all go to miller motorsports on sept 2,3!

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I'm not around all that often, but you can PM me for sure. I've been around subies for about 2 years, and I have 2 LGT's (sedan+wagon). I've only got AccessPORT on one, DIY grill on the other, and Aux-In and 18's on both.


I did Stage II on my previous WRX, and I'll say that SLC is a great place to be a Subie fanatic, with lots of tuners (not to mention Cobb) around.


Welcome to the board!

Never start modding, kids. It's too late for me, save yourselves!

Hooray for 07+ AccessPORT!

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I am here in SLC also i have only done Headlight clearing, angel eyes, HID's, DIY Grille, SPT intake (getting the Heat sheild this week) JDM engine covers, Tail light covers, Debadge all but 2.5GT all on the Regal Pearl Blue Sedan 05. Welcome to the board also. and hopefully i will get the Spats and STI lip then its off to motorwork hahahaha this guy wants stage2 at the minimum

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There are more LGT owners near SLC, some are in Ogden, Layton, Riverdale. I see them all the time now but I don't get a chance to stop them or tell them about the site. I'm going to have to start printing business cards out to leave on their windshields telling them of the site. Welcome aboard.
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