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Whats my car worth? 98 legacy outback

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:icon_mrgr Just wanted to throw this out there to see what everyone thought my car would fetch. I am in wisconsin too if anyone is looking for an OB>

1. white outback wagon that is 7 of 10 outside and 9 of 10 inside......in great shape

2. 5 speed mt. with good clutch (replaced at 110000)

3. 166000 miles

4. Newer tires, ball joints and allignment. Car rides like new

5. Exhaust rattle/ muffler noise that is a result of being rearended by some highschool kid. Not terrible though

6. CEL is on, code is for o2 sensor 2 (back) and knock sensor.

7. Car overall in great shape, and drives crisp

8. Forgot about the headgaskets.......I had to change those at 120000 miles.


What should I expect to get? I was thinking about $3500 or so. Let me know.

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