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Controlling body roll, and what about warrantee?


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Hey folks, I like my (non GT) 06 Legacy sedan, but it does have more roll than I'd expect when pushing it a bit. I've received 3 messages for dealing with this:


- sway bars

- springs/lowering

- tires


The tires are Yokohamas, not the R92s.


What I'm reading is without lowering, bigger sway bars might break the mounts (due to all the force being applied). What do you think? Start with lowering? Just springs, or are struts par tof the fix? A local shop said, springs only, their kit would lower by 1.4" which seems a bit excessive.


And, what does Subaru think about aftermarket suspension? Would it void the warrantee?

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How would camber affect roll? I can see that increased camber would increase grip, & higher lateral Gs would increase roll...
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