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Ok so i just installed my cobb dp I have a o2 sensor spacer so i would't get a cel, ha i wish, after i put it on the o2 sensor on the spacer it was like kissing the drive shaft, and I guess they havent tested the MEL eliminator wire deals, what should I do, the only time i get a cel is on the highway, wouldn't be so bad is they hadnt wired the cel with the dang cruise control..........will an 02 sim work, it'll be a while till i get an AP
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reading your post....you've spent 30 on the MIL Elim that didn't work, and want to spend 100+ on a O2 sim? Just bite the bullet, and put the AP on a credit card. Make that your mod budget for another 2 years or whatnot...

that = solves your problems, and gets you Stage 2!!!

I'm pleasantly surprised... It was most certainly worth the couple bucks and 10 mins of my time.


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