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Why Subaru?

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I was hoping this would be a stand-alone forum, but I thought I might as well start the thread (unless there is one already started, which I couldn't find.) So why Subaru?

Because it's different.

Because it's good.

Because it makes eerily perfect mecahnical sense.


What were your reasons?

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Because a horizontally opposed engine isn't defeating gravity nearly as much every time the pistons stroke, as it's I-4 or I or V6 engine counterparts. I have seen a legacy go over 350,000 miles with regular tuneups, and fliud maintenance. (Other small things in the way, but the engine wasn't rebuilt until a bit over 350K.


Because the legacy just fetched a high saftey rating, evem among tough competition known for being top in saftey such as volvo.. There will be a 6 month old child, and growing in that back seat and her life is important to (us.)


Because Boxer engine + Intercooled Turbo + All Wheel Drive + Decent looks = Boost, Drive, Love.

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