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2000 Subaru Legacy unknown button: A/P and picture of a fan.

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I am in New Zealand and have owned a 2000 Subaru Legacy B4 non-turbo for about two months. I just noticed that there is a button to the left of the steering column that I have no idea what it does. The button says "A/P" and has a picture of a fan next to it. Pressing the button doesn't seem to do anything obvious.


Does anyone have a clue as to what this button does?





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Someone posted this maybe a month ago and there were no replies -- no useful replies anyway.


It really is a strange thing to have on a button. Maybe it'll make sense once you find out what it is.



edit: apparently I can't spell "useful"

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The car is imported from Japan as are most cars here in New Zealand so the manual is in Japanese. Does anyone have the english version of the manual to see if it is in there?


I also might go down to the dealer today and see if they know what it is. If they do then I will post their response.


Thanks for the replies.


Adam - kingnerd

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