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Interior wear and tear with "dents"?


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Ok I had this exact same issues with my 1997 Outback, but I am wondering if it's just my bad luck.


My non-ltd LGT interior is starting too look like cr@p. I got the cloth interior because I figured my dog (a 20lb jack russell terrier) would trash the leather in no time. Well as it turns out he (and I) have been doing a number on the cloth and plastics anyway.


The car is just one year old, and I am starting to notice that the cloth seats are starting to pill up and get small scratch marks from his claws. Also when he leans on the window sill, or the armrest, he leaves little indentations that are not going away! :icon_mad: Yesterday I noticed that leaning my elbow on the window sill and the armrest while I'm driving has caused seemingly permanent indentations there as well.


Has anyone else run into this, and is there a way to bring those dents out? I understand usual wear and tear on a car, but surely Subaru expected that people would want to actually rest their ARM on the ARMrest without it leaving dents all over the place!


Ok so my dog has been banned until further notice, :lol: but I still can't help but worry about how the interior will look 12 more months from now. I am actually considering trading the car on something else if this keeps up...:confused::( Which really suks because I absolutley love most everything else about the car.

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I agree. It sucks... I am so careful in my car and the drivers door looks great. All 3 of the other doors have indentations, tearing in the leather, and other noticeable marks all over it... it sucks. I try to tell myself its my friends being inconsiderate but now i'm thinking the interior just sucks!! oh well did i mention it sucks?
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