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Need a place to do my 15k service. Any suggestion?


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option 1

If you go to I-clubs.com, link below. look at the vendor forums section. there are bay area servicing shops. can you post what you find? i would like to know as well.


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option 2

looks like you're in sf. ron price has a place down in the tenderloin. carlsen is a good place



i'm almost at my 15k as well. i bought the maintenance program when i bought my car. it was 1k for oil changes and servicing until 90k (i think). i'm stuck with the dealer but i know there are other places to go. not sure if they are recommended.

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my turn to hijack this thread. i'm about due for my 30k mile service. LIC would be the best choice... but its simply too far being from the south bay... any secondary recommondations?


Try Exact Motorsports in Milpitas...I've been going to them for years and have never had a problem.


I take my wife's Lexus there too.

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