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Non Suby Cars--- SLC


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So, I heard rumors that there was a Aston Martin DB9 at the Mercedes dealership at 600 S State. After talking my wife into it, we went down there after work. Guess what!?!? Not only was there an Aston Martin DB9, but they had a brand new black McLaren SLR!!!!! 617 hp of pure joy. That thing is so beautiful. To top it off, Bob Garff was there getting his picture taken for a magazine next to it.


IF YOU WANT TO SEE TWO BADA$$ CARS, go down there and check it out. It was a dream come true...:wub:

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Bob Garff is either Ken Garffs brother or son. He was a elderly gentleman so I am guessing brother. Ken Garff passed away (the owner of plenty of car dealerships here, and the owner of the mercedes dealership) and now Bob runs the show, I guess!


Anyway, they are both beautiful and deserve the time for locals to go enjoy. My wife and I walked past 3 salesman who were at the door and they didn't even wink at us. That is alright, JERKS :)

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