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Scratched Spec.B rim = Im an idiot


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Well I got my Spec.B and I luv it. Luv it so much that I already hit the curb while parking and scratched my rear passenger side RIM! Its not horrible, but it is now all i can see when i look at the car, funny how that is. I see online that places claim to fix-like-new these kinds of things. Anyone know if this is true? Any suggestions of places to go in Pittsburgh, PA? If I decide to replace, where could I get the OEM Rim that came with car? Thanks...


Signed -The Dumbass

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wheels can be repaired to like new condition, however I don't really trust the paint match without a guarantee or just doing all 4.


dealer for an oem rim or just buying an entire set on the forums and having extras. :)

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