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I'm stumped - please help

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Hi I'm new to this forum but have been viewing for a month or so, with much interest. I'd really appreciate it if some one can help me. I have a '93 GT ej20 dohc. This is the story - had a weeping waterpump so got a new one and new cambelt, Set the pulley to ''0" removed everthing to get the cam belt covers off. The positions were fine, pulled it apart and replaced the waterpump and went about putting the cambelt on, all the marks lined up with belt marks and looked good after heaps of attempts (quite fiddly)and reassembled all the bits and pieces.


When i turned the key on the car started first time but was getting a warning voice in japanese?( this is a japanese 2nd hand import) so have no idea what it means, which is pretty frustrating. The real prob occurred when I turned the key off, nothing happened the car kept running. What have I done wrong? Any help would be most appreciated.

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I used to have a Mexican built Jetta that played La Cocha Racha whenever I left the keys in it. :) Seriously, I have no idea man - wish I could help. I would suggest contacting Subaru of America to see if they could put you in touch with someone in Japan who speaks English. You could record it and play it for them. Maybe even a local college that teaches Japanese studies?
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Absolutely clueless on this one... and that's not very often the case with Subarus.


Did nothing change when you turned off the key, i.e., engine didn't slow down, or cough or "diesel", just kept running smoothly?


If the answer to the above is no, nothing changed, then you have an ignition switch - ECU issue. Try checking the connectors to the engine block (not sure why this would have gotten loosened if you were just changing the WP and TB) but it could happen.


If the answer is yes, something changed but it didn't "stop" then you have a timing issue and it's continuing to diesel since you're out-of-time somehow on the TB. More importantly, you have an interference issue with the valves as I believe the 2.0 DOHC is an interference engine.


WRT the "voice" - not a clue mate. Perhaps record it somehow and post it on here and someone can figure out what's being said.


Sorry couldn't offer more, but that's all I can come up with.



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