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Changing to a 2.5i a/c and radio controls?


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Can you change the auto ac climate control and radio on 06 gt's to the 2.5i non auto climate control and radio? Im thinking you can but it might mess up the computer?



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I asked around.


The dealer just flat out said "no."


Then I went to a guy I trust. He spent about a week burried in subie tech manuals.


His guesstimate is about $1200 to do it. That's a GUESS based on his research. The heater box would need to be replaced as it is unique to the dual zone setup, a wiring harness made and the control module for the "manual" system ordered to replace the dual zone control module.


The only reason he bothered to do the research is because the dealer said it was impossible. It is not impossible, just impractical.


Will I get it done? Dunno. The idea is certainly atractive but $1200 is a bit steep for somthing that solves a problem that is merely an aestetic issue.


I'm more interested in finding out if the 07s have the same setup or if the changes to the head unit resulted in a separate circuit board for the climate control.

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