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Stebel Twin Magnum horn!


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I could not stand the stock meep-meep horn. Few weeks ago replaced them with Stebel TM80/2 Magnum twin horns (electomagnetic). These are pretty loud. Allegedly 139db at 4 inches, 115 at 2 meters (quoted from manuf. page... WTF, inch/metric mix).


Initially wired them in place of stock horns and while these were really loud I thought these may not get enough juice given that stock wiring is really thin (like 20 gauge max) and the manual for the horns recommend 14 gauge. Just installed them today with a relay wired directly to the battery. Now these are noticeably louder, no doubt.


Manuf. webpage is STEBEL S.p.a..

I got them from: HornsPlus Automotive: Air horns for sport cars, motorcycles, boats, and emergency vehicles (not affiliated).


Stebel also makes the popular electopneumatic Nautilus. I think I'll add one of those for ultimate GET OUT OF MY WAY effect :icon_mrgr


Don't have pictures (if you prod me, I'll take them) but I mounted them behind the grille, at the bottom - actually 4/5th of their height falls behind the bumper so they do not block airflow (not that this matters much).

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