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is this normal ?rear diff

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today i decided to do my own tire rotation on the 2.5i and while i was working on the rear wheels i noticed that the one on the rear right would rotate independently from the rear left which was on the ground. the right front was actually locked with the left on the ground. i noticed the same thing when i did the left hand side.
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the 4eat has an OK center diff and open front and rears.


the 5mt has limited slip rear and 50/50 split center



if you get all 4 wheel off the ground and turn one, two others will also turn for a total of 3 spinning tires...although one will be spinning opposite the other two.



in the 4eat, only one other tire would spin, in the opposite direction

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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