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"scrunchy" brake sound under 10 mph


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Rotors felt a little warped (30k miles) so had dealer resurface and install Endless SS-M pads. Warp seemed to get worse from resurface.


Dealer replaced front rotors under warrantee. Brakes work fine (no vibrations, etc.) BUT now they make a scrunchy/creaky sound when braking under 10 mph (as you come to a stop)--almost like the pads are grabbing like "hard rubber" vs ceramic.


Could rotors need "roughing up"? Problems with the pads being seated properly, etc?


I'm going to need a whole pit crew soon--brake issues, possible UP leak issues, etc


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Just found this as I hadn't seen it before...




Sounds like it's not an issue of a few firm braking passes, but more a long term (Keefe guessed 1000 mi) to get material on the rotors. The pads are wonderfully low dusting (I see now how much "dirt" I thought I was getting was really brake dust). Maybe this is part of the low dust benefit--longer bedding process.


Just sounds/feels bad, like it's not good for the brakes.

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