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An opinion re. Spotted threads


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Don't know who to address this to, but just a thought.


I don't know about everyone else, but I rarely check the spotted thread. Only when I spotted someone, I post. I don't read backwards. There are just too many pages. If someone spotted me, I probably would never know, unless out of coincidence I seen it on the same page of my post. Including myself, there are many members who may not frequent on this thread, so may miss a spotting and fail to respond to it.


So to me it appears a master spotted thread is not optimally useful.


A better idea? Perhaps making a SoCal Spotted subforum within Southern California forum. Then anyone can post individual spotted threads within the Spotted subForum. I believe that would make single events more easily 'spotted,' if ya know what I mean.


OK, that is all. I'm just bored on my day off and nothing better to do until my meeting tonight.




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i just check my email to see the new post notification...


You look to be sighted. So obviously it's easier.


But for the business person who doesn't live on the internet and casually logs in once a week or so will really miss out.


I see patients all day and at night I log in at least once daily and still can't keep up with stuff. OT: Brings to mind one of my pet peeves re. internet geeks who say WLTW! on posts. Not everyone sees everything. But it'd be nice to facilitate a process best as possible.

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In regards to the SoCal Spotted forum...I think it'd make the thread a lot more fun if the "spotted"/sightings were "Positive Acknowledgement" sightings...


Meaning, a member post up their sightings, when, where and what Car but for it to be a valid Thread entry, there must be positive acknowledgement from the Spotted Car in question...


Good Entry:

Spotted SWP LGT in LA, on the 405N, i waved, driver returned the thumbs up...You on here?!?


Bad Entry:

Spotted LGT in LA, on the 405N, i waved, driver just stared and sped off. OR Driving down Melrose, spoted OB XT, It was green...


Granted there are some exceptions...like if you see a parked LGT with a RBS grille, cleared corners, lowered stance and nice rims...but off hand you don't know who's car that is....then Post that up, there is a greater chance that that person is on this board Rather then Lady in a OB or a older man in a LGT.....


???...how's that?

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I read that thread when I really have nothing better to do. Even then, I can't manage to get past 1 page of reading.
"some say, his arms are made of coiled adamantium fibers. And that he tops his cereal with nuts and bolts. All we know is, he's called the Jose."
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I realize if you really have time and really want to, you can read it all.


But I don't have enough of an interest to browse through over 50+ pages of sightings, especially if most of them are in different cities than mine. It's cool and all, but time is money.


If I see individual threads about individual sightings, I'd be more likely to tune into certain ones that pertain to me. That's how it used to work at nasioc, but I guess they changed it over there (to just like how it is here). And for someone else who is not a regular on this site, it's even less likely they'll see a post about them. It's partly why I've refrained from posting most of my Subaru sightings (I saw 4 different LGTs and some OBXTs in the last 2 days, but whatever).

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