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Bought some coolant...


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So today I was checking my oil when I noticed my coolant reservoir was empty. Doh.


I went to my nearest suby dealer - Santa Monica Subaru - for the necessary coolant (and coolant conditioner, just in case).




Conditioner [sOA635071]- $5.45. Internet price? $1.25 or so.

Cooleant [sOA868V9210] (1 gal) - $31.68. Haven't been able to find an online seller.


Seems high, don't you think? :confused::mad:


Anyway, I know the bad rep of this service dept, so don't worry I won't be going here for service unless it's an emergency. And yet I still managed to get reamed! :lol:

-=- Livin life at 140 BPM -=-

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