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Keller's Drive in 7/22/06

Mr. Ed

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Greasy burgers, $1.25 longnecks, toothless carhops, old classic cars and new cars.....


Sound like fun?



This makes year 6 that I go a couple of times a month to the Saturday night get together at Keller's drive in, located on Northwest Highway in Dallas just east of highway 75. Cars of all makes and model show up, classic and new. There are usually between 75 and 100 cars, but very few subies. We'll be there, you should be 2.




Bring cash, that's all they take.


I usually order a Doublemeat #5, Onion rings, Tater Tots and a coke for about 7 or 8 bucks. Food's cheap, beers cheap

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Sounds like a good time to me, but I'm in Austin. I think I've heard of that place, my parents live in Fort Worth so I'm somewhat familiar with Dallas.


It was a great time. 1 WRX wagon and my Legacy.... we were sandwiched in by a 69 Camaro and an old GTO on one side and 2 cuda's on the other, all fully restored. There were about 80 other classics out there, a couple of vipers, and one new challenger.



Good times

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