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Trading in XT on the 13th... (Metro DC)

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Don't know if this is the right forum...


If anyone in the DC Metro area would like a PAMPERED, stock '05 Outback XT 5 Speed Manual non-limited in Silver for $18,995 (before I trade it to Don Beyer for an '06 2.5i automatic) call my cell 703 403 0440 BEFORE 11am on Thursday 13 July, and we'll talk...


16,250 miles.


Lifetime average 23.something MPG is indicative of how I've driven it around the city... (Gets 28+ on the highway...)


Mobil-1 since 9,500


Always garaged.


Matt Summers

Alexandria, VA


<1 mile from Braddock Road Metro, and right off the GW Parkway.

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My wife doesn't drive stick, and we need to have a reliable car that we both can use (her Civic has over 100k).


Dealer's trade in offer is good for a week, soooooooooooo...


If anyone local is interested (or not local... fly into DCA (National Airport) 5 minutes away) and I'll throw in 4 Nokian WR 225/55/17 on Rota Tarmac II w/4000 miles on them, AND a matching RE-92A on an '05 XT rim for a full size spare. (9 Wheels in all)



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You do know dealers always say it's only good for a day, a week, etc...? That's one of the oldest bargaining chips in the book. Makes you feel like you HAVE to get in there and take the deal. If they want your business, they'll take your business a week or a month from now. Seriously, don't buy into that crap! :)
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I know, but we need a reliable car with an automatic that both my wife and I can drive...


We could replace the Honda with a Rabbit (automatic), but in trading in the XT, I'll also be fixing an established point of contention (i.e. buying a car she can't operate).


I just talked to the salesman, and it's a done deal. Friday at 11...

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Yeah, if you read car forums you will see unbeliveable number of things those guys do because "wife wants this or that" with regards to cars. WTF??!!! Other things, sure. House, decor, food, vacation. But deciding on cars, etc, is ridiciulous, sorry. Maybe I am old-fashioned.


This leads to crazy moves like trading LGT for SUVs like we witnessed on this forum. What happened to men these days.....


While I discuss all major financial moves and many small ones with my wife, I can't imagine her deciding what cars we buy. Good thing is that she would not drive suv, minivan or anything without manual transmission anyway...


Oh, well, I hate U.S. market and it's pity that's so many people buy autos over manuals. This leads to small manual-transmission market we're having, although things kinda improved recently (e.g. V6 6MT Accord!!) only stupid Subaru dropped manual GT wagon...

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Why won't she learn to drive a stick? It is a skill that has its uses. What if she had to drive someone elses car in an emergency and it was a manual? Just sayin'...


Sounds like you already have made a decision, but it seems like a financially unwise one, to an outside observer...

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Have a driving school teach her to drive manual.


My sister did and now she's so happy that she did it. (She fought me, but I told her it is an important girl skill. It can get you out of sticky situations.)


I learned the old fashioned way; someone taught me. I think the driving instructor takes some of the scariness away for newbies and avoids family fights.


And remember, almost everyone CAN drive manual. Many don't like to learn and heard it was hard to do...silliness.

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We tried the manual thing a couple years ago with my (departed) '92 Saab 900. She did OK on country roads south of the District, but I'm in agreement with her that DC rush hour is no place for a beginner to work things out. I'm 30 with somewhere around 225,000 miles on standard transmissions, and the clutch on the XT took me a couple months to really figure out. I learned to drive stick in San Francisco, for what it's worth (but don't read into that too far...)



Financialy unwise? With an '06 2.5i at $21,543 and 0% for 24 months... we're getting a car with zero (ok, 7) miles, and a fresh start to the warranty. Can't be all bad.



I was getting 23mpg IN TOWN with the XT so we'll see how much I miss the turbo, (and the blinky mirrors, and especially the ability to peel off the airbag warning labels on the visors...)


soooo as of now, happy 2.5i in the garage with 10 miles on the odometer.


Now if I could only convince her not to hang her wallet and huge keychain(s) off the ignition... That's got to cause some excess wear on the mechanism. No?

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