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Please explain the process of buying a car privately in the US to a Canadian


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Hi all,


I'm looking at getting a 05 LEgacy GT in the US. I'm in Canada and will be importing the car. Could someone please explain to me the process of buying the car in the US from a private party. The process here in Canada is pretty simple.


1. Find car

2. Negotiate the price

3. Run a lien check

4. I get the VIN number and call my insurance. They fax me a temp insurance card.

5. Seller signs the back of the registration card and gives it to me

6. We also right up a bill of sale

7. I pay the seller

8. I take the signed registration card (the one seller gave me), bill of sale and me proof of insurance to a registry office and register the car under my name




What's different in the US? Is there a registration card? What is the difference between the registration and the title card?



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Hey bro,


Here is a link to a post from klaus. He bought a Outback from the US and imported it into Canada. Seems like it's VERY involved... Hopefully it answers any questions you have about the purchase. If not, I'm sure you can PM him for advice.



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I would guess that sounds about right... Not living or being a Canadian I can't say for sure what your country requires. However, that is pretty much how it would work here in the states. Good luck! By and by have you contacted me about my car? Silver 05 Legacy GT Ltd w/ 5mt?
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