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Run in the hot Sun with S2K club


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Joined some folks from the S2Ki.com board for a run through the hills outside Temecula where I live. They came up from San Diego.


Man was it hot. Outside temp gauge showed 98F at start and 102F by 1 PM. Fortunately the pace was only about 75% max. Still, that's way too damned hot to push hard on a turbo'd car even with a FMIC.


Went out West of the I-15 into the hill country. Wild roads. Basically 1.5 lanes wide so you're always wondering about oncoming traffic. Fortunately, very, very little traffic in general.


Lots of crazy hills with steep up & down. The road surface got really crappy for several miles. Not good for a lowered ride like mine....and many of the S2000s. Found evidence of minor tire rub on all 4 tires.


Nice people. Lots of couples. They probably got sunburned. Cheers!







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I'm on S2ki.com / net its both sites... lol


My name is IT/SEALS.... they are cool guys on there and I've done track events before with them. Overall great group of guys with great knowledge and advice to give. If I didn't work for a Subaru dealership and have gotten a great price for my car then I would have gotten an S2k.

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they were fun to run with. although those tiny roads kept speeds below 50 mph mostly.


was on the bumper of one S2K went it just took off in front of me. kind of surprised me. I caught up and hung close for the next few miles. at the next rest stop I found out it was a supercharged S2000. nice

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Sorry I flaked on you Kev, when I sent you the link + invitation, I was thinking that my dad would have already left. He leaves tomorrow (not that I mind him staying longer.)
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