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cubby prosport gauges


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2 52mm prosport gauges installed in the cubby with no additional parts or cost. Sorry no digital camera. Very easy. post any questions.:icon_mrgr The cubby door is fully functional. Gauges are angled towards driver. Can't see any wires. Cut a rectangular hole out the back of cubby. Used supplied gauge holding brackets, cut ends off & rebent them. Have both brackets bolted together with one bolt at rear bottom of cubby. I did replace supplied boost gauge hose with black vacuum line from auto store for more stealth look in engine bay($5). Had an extra nylon nut/bolt laying around used to tie both brackets together. I will try to get a digital camera to retake pics. Bought gauges at prosportgauges.com. EGT does sweep, boost is mechanical. Electric boost gauge coming out next month. I will probably change to electric. Sorry cell phone pics came out so small. SEE NEW PICS in my last post below!



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almost perfect. They can be wired to go amber when the lights are on to match the reddish dash lights or leave them white. I like the white look. I think there are other posts with night time pics. Prosportgauges .com for more pics and price.
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