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Microsoft to Supply ECU's for F1...


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click the link.... they are really supplying ECUs for F1



Bridgestone, Microsoft Get Exclusive F1 Contracts

Written by: RACER staff Paris, France – 7/5/2006


Bridgestone's monopoly should effectively happen already in '07, as Michelin is set to pull out of F1 by this season's end. (LAT Photo)


Bridgestone and Microsoft have been granted exclusive contracts to be the sole suppliers, of tires and ECUs respectively, of Formula 1 beginning in 2008.


The announcement was made following this Wednesday's meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris.


The move to a single tire supplier and standardized ECUs (Electronic Control Units, responsible for a car's engine management) is part of the FIA's radical cost-saving package announced earlier this year for introduction in '08. Both Bridgestone and Microsoft will supply F1 through 2010.

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what would happen if the BSD appeared on the streeing wheel screen during a race?!?!?



if this shoudl happen, the driver is encouraged to repeatedly smash on the three new buttons included on the updated steering wheel. after that fails to fix the problem, well, your guess is as good as mine.



here's a pic of the steering wheel's new engine/ecu status screen with intelligent error detection and instant diagnostic readoutdisplay.


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Id be scared if i saw this


that can be easily fixed by the driver pulling off the track, disconnecting the negative battery terminal, waiting 6 hours, then reconnecting the battery and restarting the car to reset the ECU. done and done!

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It's not quite that bad. MS is just reselling someone else's work :p


McLaren company wins ECU bid



By Jonathan Noble Thursday, July 6th 2006, 14:48 GMT

http://www.autosport.com/images/upload/1152198236.jpgMcLaren Electronic Systems, an independent developer within McLaren's group of companies, is behind the successful bid with Microsoft to supply ECUs in Formula One from 2008, autosport.com - the authority on Formula One, F1, WRC, IRL, GP2, Champ Car, Le Mans, NASCAR and more can reveal.

Although the exact identity of the 'Microsoft MES' company that was announced by the FIA yesterday was unclear, sources have confirmed that the firm involved with Microsoft is McLaren Electronic Systems.

The company has been an independent developer of systems for more than 15 years, and supplies all the current competitors in F1.

Although MES shares its name with McLaren, and operates from the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, there are no direct links between it and the Formula One team.

MES's company statement claims: "McLaren Electronic Systems is an independent company of the McLaren Group of Companies. It is a leading exponent of the group's technical prowess and design philosophy.

"Its goal is to provide the automotive electronics customer with a complete range of products that are reliable, yet at the very limits of technology.

"Our reputation is built on a record of success obtained through our constant pursuit of excellence. McLaren Electronic Systems aims to become the world's premier supplier of advanced automotive control and development support systems where small to medium quantities are required."

MES supplies engine and chassis control units in all categories of motor racing, including F1, the World Rally Championship and sportscars.



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I :lol::wub::lol: this thread and the steering wheel photochops!

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