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Oh No!!

Paul G.

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I pull into the gas station (for gas), and as I turn I hear screeching, like a brake pad rubbing. I thought it might be somebody else, so I pull in and fill up.


I back up to leave, and I hear a clunk and more brake rubbing.


I park and go to check it out, YOW!! The front rotors are blazing hot. The backs are also warmer than I think they should be.


Taking it to dealer tomorrow and leaving it. Warranty is up (46K miles), so we'll see.


This is the first issue with this car, so I'll relax, but man this bites!


Funny thing, I was going to spring for a JDM rear swaybar tonight. I'll keep my money in my pocket for now, 'til I see what's up with my brakes.



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