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Wheel painting cost?


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Quick question... approx. how much should I look to spend to get rims painted? Just painting, assume rims are sanded and primed. Sure I should talk to a shop that does that, but I need a ballpark figure. E.g. how much did you pay?


Also, I'd like to get the wheels painted in "typical" silver, or in body color. Anyone did paint the wheels in the body color? I guess it requires special (better) process/paint, right? I am wondering because I am going to get roof repainted, so I am thinking I could get them to paint the wheels while they are at it. Forgive noob questions....

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Body color wheels? :confused: It would definetly be unique. But, I can't make a decision until I see it done.


You can try painting them yourself by picking up some Duplicolor wheel paint at an auto parts store. I think it is only $12. I would give that a try first.


Why are you painting them? Stock wheels?


No, a guy wants to sell 04 BBS STI wheels that are "ready-to-paint". I am wondering what would be a fair price for them. I am not really that keen on buying them, since I have secured (hope so) a deal on a mint ones that do not require messing up. Besides I can't wait to put my GY F1s on, and I don't want to put them on stock wheels, which I'll keep for winter.


Yeah, and painting the wheels in body color could be interesting. Just an idea....

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